Killer Gear

Not only do you have the opportunity to look sweet but you also get to brag about helping the environment too. 10% of sales on this site go to the Center for Plant Conservation to protect endangered native plants.

Official I Kill Plants T-Shirt

Do you want to look hip? Want to help me with my quest to save the lives of tons of plants and preserve the loving memory of millions more? DO YOU? Then buy a I Kill Plants(tm) T-shirt.

Fig. 1 - Awesome Shirt.

Fig. 1 – Awesome Shirt.



A good option if…

…you are legitimatly bad at growing plants and you only express yourself through your clothing.
…you are constantly ask gardening questions and need a subtle way of deflection inquiries.
…you need a something to replace the “I Kill Puppies” t-shirt that didn’t go over well at your sister’s daycare.

Wear it, stand tall, be proud.

Official Cat on Bike for No Good Reason T Shirt

This is a wicked T Shirt designed by to impress your cat loving friends. It took three years to teach Sage the cat to ride an old timey bike and it was worth every ounce of sweat and blood as you can plainly see.

Fig. 2 Cat on Bike

Fig. 2 Cat on Bike


Official I Kill Plants Mug – ITEM OUT OF STOCK! Sorry…

Want everyone at work to know how sweet you are while sippin your morning joe? Want… something? ANYTHING WILL DO? Get this mug.

A good option if…

…you don’t have a mug.
…you have a mug but it’s broken.
…you can’t think of anything else to get for your aunt who kills every plant that comes within a mile of her house.

Note: Don’t use this for a plant container. No drain holes.