Plant Obituary – Ione

Ione (before freezing to death) - 09/15/2008 to 10/08/2011

Ione (before freezing to death) – 09/15/2008 to 10/08/2011

Ione the passion flower passed peacefully in the cold this fall as Janelle, a baker by trade, remodeled her house. This is what Janelle had to say about the ordeal…

“Really, this is a confessional. This plant didn’t just die on me, I murdered it. I moved it outside while remodeling the house. As cold weather approached I chose to not bring it back in. It had gotten huge! Some of the vines reached lengths of over 10 feet. This plant was taking over my house. I loved the graceful vines and the beautiful little flowers that would bloom in the spring and the fall but keeping up with the trelissing was becoming a downer. So, I let it die. I still feel horrible about this wanton planticide and though I feel remorse, I would do it again. It’s pot and trellis still sit on the patio and the sight haunts me as I stand at my kitchen sink and look out the window at the remains. I’m sorry passion vine… I’m not the person I thought I was.”

Ione will be buried Spring of 2013 in the compost pile.