Plant Obituary – Unnamed


unnamed - 12/20/2012 to 01/23/2013

unnamed – 12/20/2012 to 01/23/2013

Holly has this to say about her unnamed, pitiful poinsettia which died a horrible, slow agonizing death by under/over watering and close proximity to a radiator…

Every Christmas season, these plants are EVERYWHERE. But where are they come June? Dead. That’s where. Sad but true: as soon as the holidays pass, there isn’t room in a person’s heart or home for this plant. It’s not like I’m going to rearrange the rest of my plants to make sure that this “festive” monstrosity get’s the “moist soil”, “medium light”, and “60-70 degrees” recommended on that laughable sticker attached to that gaudy foil disguising a cheap plastic pot without drain-holes. Repotting? Ha! Like anyone has their soil, post and tools on-hand in January. Anyway… I probably over-watered, then under-watered this plant. Trying to find room for it, I mistakenly placed it above a heat radiator that didn’t kick in that often because the weather had been so mild. One cold night after Three-Kings Day had passed, the temps dropped and that radiator was blasting out heat. I didn’t noticed the effects to the poinsettia for a few days until wilted leaves started dropping and making a mess on the floor. Then it went unwatered until today, when I’ve finally decided… “it’s time to say goodbye”. To the unnamed Poinsettia: I am sorry. Although you suffered the fate of so many poinsettias, neglect, rest peacefully that you were a shining star for at least long enough that my grandmother would spend $15 on you. I will keep the card you came with, in remembrance.

She also adds…

I’m feeling a touch sad, mixed with anger for an industry (I’m looking at you Mid America Growers) that over-produces these plants to the point of them being so easily purchased and neglected.
Time and place of burial

This unknown soldier of the holidays will be buried at about 3 pm today… Holly will be depositing it in the dumpster on my way to her car.