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Plant Obituary – Ivan

Ivan - ?

Ivan – ?

Ivan was a simple but happy plant! He was born to captivity so he knew no other life. 
Sometimes at night he would listen to the old ferns talk about the open earth and he would ponder the unknown. Even though his thoughts would wonder he would always fall asleep to the comfort of his spot on the sill. Then the day came that changed the course of his life!

A dried up spider plant was placed at the top of the stairs and all the plants were in panic. Ivan couldn’t even gather his thoughts before he was scooped up and placed in a hanging device on the east side of the bedroom.

Long story shorter……. a few months later Ivan hang dry and forgotten, only to be mocked and left for show. But Ivan’s good nature perseveres, he knows no other plants will hang in this isolation chamber of plant horror so long as he hangs there!

The end…