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Plant Obituary – Bob

01/01/1900 - 04/09/2013

01/01/1900 – 04/09/2013

Poor Bob, he’s in the process of dying either of overwatering and/or heat exhaustion from a radiator (or just plain neglect). We’re still trying to talk him down from the ledge, but he’s teetering ever more closely each day….

Lyman, Bob’s former best friend is feeling a great sense of denial, Anger… and is about to start bargaining… We’re going to it to a greenhouse for autopsy very soon.

Killer Education – How to Save a Over Watered Plant

Photo from UW-Extension Cooperative Extension

Photo from UW-Extension Cooperative Extension

Have you ever had one of those plants that wilts no matter how many time you water it? Is the soil always wet but the plant never perks up? Chances are your plant wasn’t as thirsty as you thought.

Everyone knows plants get water from the soil by using their roots but when the soil stays wet for too long the roots die off and when the roots die off the plant can’t take up water and if the plant can’t take up water IT WILTS!

So, you’re plant doesn’t have any roots. Now what?

First, place it in a shady spot and stop watering it. Then allow it to dry out so that the top inch of soil is bone dry. When you do water, make sure to water until it flows out the bottom and wait for it to dry before watering it again. This will refresh the soil with oxygen and clean water to help new roots grow.

Plant Obituary – Cathy

Cathy 02/2009 - 09/2012

Cathy 02/2009 – 09/2012


Cathy, a cactus died after sitting in the work bathroom where it received absolutely no sunlight and was watered every time someone used the can. Peggy, an office worker who is devastated by the slow and agonizing death, will be throwing Cathy in the office dumpster on Friday.

Cathy loved the smell of Lysol disinfectant spray and glade plug-ins. See you in the big (well lit) bathroom in the sky, Cathy!